Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

"All organisations need to listen and be responsive to the diverse needs of young people and their families, and to recognise that safeguarding young people is everyone's business."

The Children Act 1989 states that the child’s welfare is paramount and that every child has a right to protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Apocalypse Airsoft takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of the young people in its care.

Apocalypse Airsoft is committed to:

* Taking into account in all its considerations and activities the interests and well-being of young people
* Respecting the rights, wishes and feelings of the young people with whom it is working
* Taking all reasonable practicable steps to protect them from physical, sexual and emotional harm
* Promoting the welfare of young people within a relationship of trust

Apocalypse Airsoft believes that safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all the young people we work with is the responsibility of everyone.

Apocalypse Airsoft code of Conduct contains information about how to report concerns or allegations of abuse and also a code of behaviour that all adults are required to follow.

Code of Conduct 

To give positive guidance, the Code of Conduct sets out a code of behaviour for all staff of Apocalypse Airsoft.

Every adult should have a copy of the Code of Conduct. 

Check that:
* You have your own copy.
* All other Staff involved in working with young people has a copy.
* There is a copy displayed at the Safe Zone at all times.
* Parents/carers are made aware of the Code of conduct and our child protection policy.

Do keep to this code at all times.
Do set an example for others to follow.
Do treat all young people equally – do not show favouritism.
Do plan activities that involve more than one other person being present, or at least within sight and hearing of others.
Do avoid unacceptable situations within a relationship of trust, e.g. a sexual relationship with a young person even one who is over the age of consent.
Do allow young people to talk about any concerns they may have.
Do encourage others to challenge attitudes or behaviours they do not like.
Do make everyone (young people, parents and carers, and other helpers) aware of our safeguarding arrangements.
Do remember this code at sensitive moments, e.g. when helping someone who has been bullied, bereaved or abused.
Do tell other staff where you are and what you are doing.
Do remember someone else might misinterpret your actions, even if you mean well.
Do take any allegations or concerns of abuse seriously and refer them to the Management of apocalypse airsoft immediately.

Do not trivialise abuse.
Do not form a relationship with a young person that is an abuse of trust, e.g. contacting young person’s through personal accounts directly when not business related.
Do not drink alcohol when you are directly responsible for young people.
Do not take part in inappropriate behaviour or contact, whether physical, verbal or sexual.
Do not take part in physical contact games with young people.
Do not make suggestive remarks or threats to a young person, even in fun.
Do not use inappropriate language when writing, phoning, emailing or using the internet.
Do not let allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse go unreported.
Do not rely just on your good name to protect you.


A copy of this policy in may be downloaded as a Word document here cpp.doc