Site Rules

Apocalypse Airsoft Site Rules

*Minimum Age Restriction 11 Years (Note That Certain Events Will Have Specific Age Limits)
*Eye Protection Must Be Worn In The Combat Zone
*All Guns Must Be Made Safe Before Entering The Safe Zone
*Harming Wildlife Is Forbidden
*All Externally Supplied Pyrotechnics Must Be Approved For Use By A Member Of Our Team

*Feet Per Second Rules:-
Automatic Electric Guns : 360 FPS
Pistols / Shotguns : 360 FPS
Designated Marksmen Rifle : 450 FPS
Sniper Rifles : 500 FPS

*It Is The Responsibility Of The Player To Ensure Their Guns Are Within Site Limits
*Specific Range Engagement Rules Will Be Applied Where Necessary
*All Airsofters Are Responsible For Their Own Safety And The Safety Of Others
*Players Are Not Permitted To Participate If Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs. 
*Any Relevant Medical Conditions Must Be Disclosed Prior To Playing  

Apocalypse Airsoft Disclaimer
Players under the age of 18 must have a consent form signed by their parent or guardian.
Click here for printer friendly version of Under 18 player consent form

Click Here for Apocalypse Airsoft Child Protection Policy