Stag Do

Apocalypse welcomes stag do bookings from 65.00 per head

Join in on one of our scheduled events or alternatively you may book our site exclusively and arrange your own customised memorable event. (Minimum event charge for exclusive use 1500.00).

Bring a party of 5+ people to join us on one of our regular skirmish days for 65 per head.

Gaming fee included
2 Mags
Eye Protection
1x Standard bag of bbs
1x Smoke grenades
2x Flash bangs
Breakfast (Bacon Roll)
Lunch (Cheeseburger, can of Coke, chocolate bar.)
Unlimited tea and coffee
Other comprehensive rental packages are available for group/party/corporate events through Apocalypse Adventures
Refundable 50 damage waiver deposit required per head for all rentals.




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